“My LSD hydration suggestions!”

Long Distance Run in February


Building your base is an essential part of marathon training.  Over time, if you stick to your marathon training plan, you will not only accumulate month-to-month overall mileage, but also per run.

I throw in one long slow distance (LSD) run each week.  Although there can be considerable recovery after such an effort, there is hope in completing the marathon distance without training up to at least 32k in a training season.


On long runs, I almost always take hydration. I have completed runs as long as 21k without fluids, but every time I do, I seriously regret it.  A lack of hydration can leave you feeling ill for hours after a hard workout.  It is actually kinda dangerous!

What To Bring

It is important to have plenty of easy to absorb nutrient rich carbs to mix with water. My Camelbak is my best friend. For runs longer than 10k, I take the following concoction mixed into my 1.5 liters bladder of water:

I make sure to drink every 20 minutes or so. I use gels after one hour, and then every thirty minutes thereafter. This combination prevents a bonk and the awful effects of dehydration after my run.

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