“Is motivation required?  Nope!  Dr. Nike said to, ‘JUST DO IT!’  She was correct!”

Confessions Of A Runner

Low motivation days are torture. Today is no different.  Feeling “bla.

I, begrudgingly, put on my shoes – I need to get in yet another 10k.  I grumble while shooing away my very needy cat.

Then I pause – I sense a shift…

Suddenly, and quite remarkably, I feel new!  The simple act of moving forward has worked.

Mental Disagreement

Sometimes all you need to do is go through the motions, put on your shoes and step outside.  Acknowledge that your brain is in massive disagreement. Then, lace up while you say to your brain, “Dude! Thanks for your suggestion. Have a good one.”

Internal Battles

The internal battles we wage as runners are character building.  Running is less about the physical demand, and more about the mental.  I have written this time and time again as I have shared my marathon training experience.  I just requires a regular reminder.

Making The Decision

On the one hand, we need to learn to give ourselves a break – there is no sense in basking in the guilt of not following through on a run day.  However, we also need to learn to push ourselves, tune off our mind, and just take that first step forward.  Learning this generalizes to all parts of your life.  I have noticed it especially at work – I simply know if I put my head down and move forward, I can complete any task at hand.

Shoes On = Motivation was last modified: August 11th, 2017 by Jerod Killick
  • I am often more explicit – I actually like to tell my brain to F$&K off. It’s the only thing that works. 🙂