“Quality marathon training creates results, not quantity.”

Seeing Improvements

I am in the middle of marathon training for BMO Vancouver Marathon coming up on May 1st.  I am currently running anywhere from three to five days a well, with one longer run on the weekends.  I am able to do a 21.1k LSD runs without much fuss, and my times have improved well over my previous half marathon race pace.

Focus On Quality

I have learned that improving my endurance and pace is a result of focusing on much more than the number of kilometres each week.  My pace and endurance on LSD runs have seemingly increased without much effort on those days.  But how?

It is not how much you train!  It is the quality of your training.  I live in Vancouver BC.  If you know anything about Vancouver, you know that we have lots of urban hills to contend with.  In the past, I perceived this as an obstacle.  It turns out that those mid-week urban hill runs have massively improving my V02max.  This results in being able to go longer, and faster, without too much perceivable difficulty.

Start With A Plan

Creating an effective marathon training plan is key.  You should focus on incorporating workouts that improve your long run days, workouts that improve cardio efficiency.  The best method to do this is to add in periodic short high-intensity efforts.  Doing just one hill workout a week can improve your performance on long distance running days.

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