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Run Commute Vancouver BC

Stumbling Onto The Run Commute Concept

During a mindless lull from the daily grind at work the other day, me and my iPhone “stumbled upon” an awesome website called, The Run Commuter!  Could I actually fit in my run as part of my trek to the office?

I have been thinking about creative ways to get in extra klicks during the week.  My morning runs have felt much more difficult with the change in light, and I notice it is harder to get myself moving in time to have my coffee, run, shower, and drive off to work.  Night time runs after work feel absolutely impossible.  Thus, running as a form of commuting to work seemed like an awesome idea!


Plotting and Planning Advice

This morning, I did my first run-commute to work!  The clinic I work at is 22k from my home.  That is a bit far.  So, I looked at Google maps and plotted out a course from my house to the Cambie-Broadway Skytrain station (the Skytrain takes me right to work).  The course was exactly 10k, a perfect distance to start my day with.

Planning for my first run commute started several days before.  I took about three days worth of cloths I could wear at work to the office yesterday with some extras like a pair of shoes, deodorant, a couple towels, not to mention my “must have” little bottle of patchouli oil!  I also took my favourite Lululemon backpack so I had something to bring my sweaty running gear back home with in the evening.

There Are Bound To Be Some Challenges

What obstacles did I run into?  Very few!  One problem is that my current work site does not have a shower.  To solve this challenge, I brought with me some grapefruit scented towelettes.  That did the trick, as much as I would have loved a shower before I started seeing patients (I am an opioid maintenance addictions clinician in a primary care setting).

Forge Ahead!

With some planning, completing a partial run/Skytrain commute contributed to my ongoing marathon training goals.  Early morning milage is the best way to hold your base during the week before putting in a Sunday long distance session.  Moreover, the run commute experience felt rather motivating actually, something I did not expect.



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  • This is such a cool idea. I’ve always been a fan of “running” errand and commuting/running to work.
    I’m enjoying your blog! Sorry if all the likes seem odd 🙂

  • Many thanks actually! I really appreciate the feedback!! Yes I agree. The run commute is a great plan to get in those klicks that at other times feel difficult (running at night after work.)

    I look forward to connecting. Thanks again!