“I do not look forward to every race – It is not required!”

Peggy The Cat and The Fall Classic

The Last Half Of The Year

Tomorrow is the 2015 New Balance Fall Classic Half Marathon, a double loop 21.1k course held at UBC.  This year, runners can also alternatively choose to run a 10k and 5k race distance.

Vancouver runners call the Fall Classic, the “last awesome race of the season.”  I registered early, have put in considerable training, and look forward to completing another personal best!


I have to say thought, that I am going into this race with a somewhat negative attitude.  The distance itself does not concern me.  As part of my training, I ran this distance several times on an uber hilly course, improving my overall time by seven minutes (compared to the BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon, 2015).

What’s The Problem?

I cannot fully endorse any one cause as to why I am entering this race feeling a bit off.  I can only suspect the following:

  • This time of year is darker and colder, and I have developed a dislike for feeling chilled.
    • Probability that this is true? Somewhat.  I love winter.
  • Burnout out?
    • Probability that this is true? Naaaa…If anything I think I am under training.
  • During the last two 10k races, the Eastside 10k, and the Turkey Trot 10k, I completed with personal best times for both.  I might be feeling a little pressure to keep that momentum.
    • Probability that this is the case? Very probable!  Like many runners, I am quite competitive, not with others as much, but with myself.  
  • Some combination of “all the above”?
    • Yup! This is most definitely the case.

Regardless of how I am feeling going into this race, I am committed to using this feeling as a point of personal growth.  Running has taught me this: When you push through the difficulty, your gain is far greater than if you quit, or never attempted at all!

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