“Foodie orgasm ahead!”

Vegan DelishHaving a craving?  I was!

After putting in a solid 10k this morning, I came home and ate some left over Tofurkey dinner from last night.  That was delish!  I got myself busy editing a training video in FCPX, and suddenly felt this nagging desire for something more.  Going to the refrigerator, I did a pensive search over each shelf, looking for something to satiate me.

Then I heard a voice, a vegan heavenly voice…

She said, “Chocolate….”


That’s all it took!  I jumped in my Fiat 500 and ventured the down pour, making my way to Whole Foods on Cambie and Broadway.  I wasted no time!  I was in and out in less than 10 minute flat, with several hundred grams of Organic Tremzzo Dark Chocolate that were pleasantly waiting for me in the bulk bins.

Happy World Vegan Day everyone!  Celebrate with something delish!  I am about devour my way through a bag of chips, chocolate chips, that is…

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