“Running a marathon?  It’s only 42.2K, right?

Here I Come

Cold weather gear has been cleaned and is ready for use, as I head into the official start of winter marathon training.  I am preparing for the BMO Vancouver Marathon, my first experience with the lengthy but very achievable 42.2 km distance.

As I finish this week of rest (no running for 7 days), the first break I have taken in months, I head into the next twenty-three weeks (officially 160 days from today) of training feeling hopeful and mentally prepared about what I about to embark on.

I ran three solid races this Fall.  I pushed myself harder than ever before and achieved personal best results for each.  Knowing that I have the ability to push through the difficulty, I am feeling much more prepared as I enter the week-to-week grind of endurance running.

Thank You

I want to express my appreciation for everyone in my life that has supported me to this point.  I am overwhelmingly grateful, especially my husband Johnny, who is always there for me at the finish line.  I also want to express my gratitude for those that read my posts as I write about my journey over the next 5 months.

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  • Good luck with training!

  • Many thanks!! I’m actually looking forward to it!!

  • Keep it going! Great job 🙂

  • Thank you guys at RunVan! Made my day seeing your comment today. Cheers!