‘What activities do you participate in to round off your marathon training experience?”

Okay, so let’s admit it!  Runners are an obsessive bunch.  It is easy to think to intently on training sessions, number of klicks put in that week, and nutrition.  However, run long enough and you discover that a myopic approach to fitness leads to injury, a lack of motivation, and burnout. How about yoga?

We all know the benefits of cross-training.  Time at the gym working on core strength and upper body muscle tone will carry any runner farther.  However, if you have not yet tried Yoga as a regular part of your cross-training experience, I strongly encourage you to do so.

I have been practicing yoga at Moksha Burnaby since June.  On average I attend one to three times per week.  Membership has provided depth to my fitness experience that I did not expect.  Initially I signed up looking to lose some belly fat and improve my posture (I slump lots!).  However, with each class I attended, something more impressive happened.

Yoga has provided what I was initially looking for.  My posture has improved, and I certainly notice that it has added to my fat burning experience.  Moreover, yoga has calmed my mind and encourage a more loving head space.  I am in general an anxious guy.  My job is an anxious job.  Running helps with anxiety.  Time on the mat cures it!

With only a few weeks into my practice, I notice a more loving attitude with others.  More importantly, I have developed a more loving attitude with myself.  Yoga puts your physical limitations right in front of your face.  In yoga you find your limit, go to that edge, and challenge it.  This has translated into greater acceptance of my body as it is, while also helping me focus on the micro-positive changes it is making while on my path.

Whether you are trying to improve physical or mental fitness, I encourage everyone to take their yoga practice deeper, allowing you to see what lurks below the surface so you can embrace it, work with it, and love it enough for spiritual healing.  For me, that means that running and yoga are a perfect and complimentary pair, taking us farther on the path of self-discovery.

Yoga, Spirituality for Runners was last modified: May 12th, 2017 by Jerod Killick