I Love LSD

I look forward to my long run days!  There is something peaceful about settling into the distance knowing I can take my time, let my mind wander, and enjoy the scenery around me.  Vancouver offers so many beautiful places for the long slow distance.

But, I have to admit, after about 16k, I notice my body starts to protest the experience; this is the where mental rigor has to be engaged in order to make it back to my starting point.

Nutrition Experiments

Nutrition in the form of sports gels, carb loaded drinks, or even food is highly recommended for long distance run days.  Regular water should be consumed by at least the one hour mark, and every 20 mins thereafter.  Midway, I often take a short break, drink some extra fluids and take in some extra easily absorbed calories.

I normally pack a couple of Power Gels with me.  Tomorrow I am going to put in 21k.  I am also going to experiment with mid-run calories.  I am particularly interested in finding the right combination of calories as race day nutrition is important for the marathon distance.

Taking Dates

Tomorrow I will take pitted dates with me and evaluate the effect.  Dates are loaded with easily absorbed nutrition in the form of carbs and potassium.  They also packs a serious caloric punch, and I am sure it will be a nice boost when I start to feel the “blahs” tomorrow.  I do worry about how it will sit in my stomach, thus I plan to take little bits along the way, instead of a mid-run snack.

Stay tuned!

Taking Dates on a Long Run was last modified: August 11th, 2017 by Jerod Killick
  • This sounds like a good plan! I don’t love the idea of gels, but I often find 100% fruit bars or fruit puree (from the baby section of the supermarket) work really well.

  • Ahhh. That is a great idea actually!!! A must try!

  • Dates are great fuel, aren’t they? I’m from Vancouver too, but now living in Ontario 🙂

  • I didn’t use to like them, but about a year ago I fell in love with dates. Such a great boost on a run !!! 🙂

  • They make great no-bake cookies, too!

  • You get a few weird looks buying tons of baby food but I swear by it!