“Saxx underwear is invested in protecting your junk, man!”

Don’t Risk It!

Male runners must have proper junk support, or face grave testicular consequences!  Having the proper gear is a very important part of a marathon training program. If you have ever been foolish enough to run without athletic support, or worse yet, the wrong fitting support (too tight),  you know that this is a mistake you will never make again.

Please do not take Casey Neistat’s advice.  Ripping off your underwear just before a 42.2k race is testicular suicide.  I am still not sure exactly why he does this.  Please drop me an email if you do!

Saxx Support

In the following video, I am reviewing the Saxx Underwear Co.  Needless to say, Saxx garments rock!

I hope you enjoy!

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Running Underwear Review: Avoiding the Jiggly Wigglies! was last modified: July 24th, 2017 by Jerod Killick