Turkey Trot, 2015

A Job Well Done!

I totally kicked ass today! I am still waiting for the official chip time on the RunVan website, but the reader board read 59.47 when I crossed.  My Polar V800 said I ran it in 58:50, but I will go with the chip time any way it goes!

It was raining all variety of house pets today (cats, gerbils, dogs, snakes, etc.)!  I am not sure about the turnout, but it did seem like there were fewer runners compared to last year.  The most serious folks got out and embraced the rain, as did I.

The Personal Best Decision

Up until the sound of the starting bell, I had not decided how I wanted to run this race.  Last year I did it in 01:04.  I knew I wanted at least to do that.  But, during the Vancouver Eastside 10k a month ago, I broke the 60 minute barrier, and at the last minute, I decided that today was going to be another PB.  And, it was!  🙂

My Food Strategy

The race generally felt difficult as I made it through klick after klick.  The last three were completely painful in every way.  But I pressed on knowing I had very little to go.  When races feel difficult to me, I become obsessed with pace and how long each klick feels.  This is a bad strategy!

Knowing that I have a propensity for getting caught in the pace vortex, I searched my soul for a remedy and found one!  I shifted my focus by dreaming of food.  Yup!  Food!  I kept visualizing the bananas and dates I had in my car, not to mention the leftover vegan chili I made yesterday.  It was all waiting for me patiently at home.

The Granville Island Turkey Trot is my favourite race of the year.  I look forward to attending it in 2016!  Gobble Gobble!!!

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