“Regarding Rain: Comfort is not required, at least that is what I keep telling myself!”

Learning To Love The Rain

As a recovery run, I ventured out into the angry misery of horizontal blown showers early this morning.  I completed a chill 5k and stopped briefly to snap a few photos and the following video.

Training In Vancouver

Living in Vancouver means learning to love the rain.  Or…that is what I keep telling myself.  But, really!  We could be living on the East Coast where it is most definitely already snowing!

At some level, we have to embrace the crappy weather if you want to successfully complete a Spring race.  I am shooting for the BMO Vancouver Marathon, 2016, and know that I will be up against my own internal voices, voices that will try to convince me to stay indoors.

Staying Motivated Means Having A Plan

The solution to staying motivated in bad weather training months, is one part gumption, and two parts planning.  With and effective training plan, and a sense that sticking to your plan will lead you to the finish line, there is very little that can stop you.

My Video

Check-out my video from today, all caught on my GoPro.  If you are an extra amazing person, please head on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe.  Better yet, leave a comment!  I really appreciate it!

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  • Marnie

    Hi Jerod, I loved your rain video – yup that’s Vancouver! It looks beautiful at the same time. You look and sound so healthy. So excited about your journey 🙂 xxx

  • Thank you so much! Even though hard rain day runs are not a ton of fun, I always feel very accomplished when it is all over with.