“The benefits of running spill over to both my personal and work life.”

Believe me!  There are many mornings when I first hit the pavement, especially early mornings, when I ask what the hell I am doing!  It is a good question, and I think we need deep motivators to keep us going. So, how about me?  What are my motivators?

  • Running clears my mind. I have a mentally intensive job as a clinician working in an addictions clinic. I love my work, but there is no doubt that I tend to accumulate clutter in my head as the day goes on. After about three klicks, my head space feels cleansed.
  • The weight loss. I like the calorie burn from running. However, I think weight loss is the weakest motivator as the weight comes off slowly, far more slow than many advertisements with weight loss champions will tell you. The rule I remind myself of is this: “If it took you 5 years to gain the weight, it will take you 5 years to lose it if you expect to keep it off.”
  • Post run bliss. I get a strong post run calm that consumes my entire body. Nothing has been able to replicate that.
  • I sleep better! I have always been plagued with sleep difficulty. When I am in a training cycle, my sleep is deep and I don’t have to struggle to fall into it.
  • New cloths!  When you run, you tone up and drop some fat in the most needed places. This means that in time your pants will start to fall off your ass, and your pant legs will drag. Shirts fit different. This is an excuse to buy new clothing!  I’m partial to Patagonia!!
  • Bib and medals collection. Personally this feels amazing!  It is a reminder of your accomplishments, especially on race days that felt particularly awesome!  However, I have yet to find a way to display them.

I could easily come up with other reasons I keep putting in the road time.  For now, just knowing that I was able to change my life through running, fills me with emotion. Life is too short not to change it up, especially when you need it most.

Why Exaclty Do I Run? was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by Jerod Killick