“Runners know that LSD is not a drug.”

Run Break

Remembering Who You Are

I am a sucker for great quotes!  I try to get my hands on every book I can about running, plant-based nutrition, and motivation.  These topics empower me.  My day job often feels intense – although that can be an exhilarating feeling, you need a break every so often to remember who you are.

Books on running tend to fall into two major categories – Those that have suggestions for training plan development, and those describing the experiences of amazing talent.  Rich Roll and Scott Jurek fall into this category.  I find great inspiration from their words and I love sharing that with close friends.

My Favorite Quote For Today

Regarding taking breaks during a challenging LSD (Long Slow Distance) running session:

“Not moving was actually pleasant.  It wasn’t nearly as shameful as I had imagined.  It allowed me to ponder my hubris.”

Stott Jurek, in Eat & Run, My Unlikely Journey to Ultra-marathon Greatness

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