“The Rich Roll Philosophy:  There is no hack to achieving well-being”

The Meaning Of Success

Rich Roll is likely one of the most influential athletes today.  As an ultra-runner and triathlete, Rich has a thing or two to say about what it takes be be successful.  In particular, you will hear him regularly talk about the dangers of falling into the simplistic nature of strategic “hacks” for achieving good health.  In the end, there is no replacement for getting up every day and engaging in hard work.

Long Island Vegans have created the video “Rich Roll’s 10 Rules for Success,” describing key approaches for changing your life.  If you want a concise overview of Rich’s message, check it out!

Other Works

Rich, and his wife Julie, are the authors of The Plantpower Way, my top pick plant-based cookbook that came out on the market this year.  They give fresh recipe ideas for the vegan home cook that are incredibly easy to follow.  Also, if you want to learn more about Rich, check out his inspirational podcast.

Long Island Vegans produced the following video:


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