“Polar and I go way back, to like the 90s!”

Sports Gear Lust

I’m NOT ashamed to admit that I am addicted to technology!  I mean, I LOVE sports gear in general, and there is nothing more thrilling than going out shopping for new athletic bling!

My New Gadget

I have been a Polar user for as long as I can remember. In fact, I bought my first Polar product back in the 90s!  Maybe it comes from my science background and my lustful obsession with data, but there is nothing more exciting than showing your effort through numbers!  If you pine over this kind of thing, then the Polar V800 is sure to please!

When the Polar V800 was first release back in June 2014, I was already a RC3 GPS user.  I read many reviews on the V800 that were less than positive, not to mention the reported problems with Polar Flow and the associated IOS app.  I held off until February this year before doing the upgrade.

Gadget Ambivalence

I have to admit that, up until the past two months, I was not sure I would keep my new gadget.  The Polar Flow site lacked many features offered in the Polar Personal Trainer (PPT) web service associated with all previous models.  Since, Polar has released several updates to the V800 firmware, Polar Flow web services (yup, it is now finally out of beta), and the IOS app, convincing me that Polar is a product I will stick with.  In fact, I am absolutely sure I will never live without it, unless of course there is an upgrade to the V800, and there is sure to be one some day!

The Future

I will post much more in the future about how I use my V800 to keep me chewing on data details, and how it motivates me off my ass when I need to get out the door and run.  Whether you use a Polar product, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc., keeping a history of your efforts is important to view progress and look for areas of improvement.

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