“300 pounds felt terrifying!  I will never take my health for granted again.”

A Moment To Pause

Above is a picture of me from April, 2014.  I’m the guy on the far left.  I was approaching 300lbs.  Unbelievable actually.  What is surprising to me, is that I did not think I was actually that heavy at the time, even when the scale told me so.

It is August 2015, almost a year and a half later.  I am down 40lbs.  I have a long way to go in terms of weight and have all the motivation to do so.  I am welcoming the decrease in pounds as I train for each race I run this year, leading up to the BMO Vancouver Marathon.  Building a training plan to reach that 42.2k goal will be essential!

New Beginnings

In the interim, I start training tomorrow for the first of two 10k races coming up in September and October. In November I will run my second half-marathon at the Fall Classic on UBC campus.

I’m very excited to get the ball rolling.  When I am not preparing for a race, I run 2-4 x a week, with yoga thrown in here and there. It is time to ramp things up so I can be prepared to beat my 1hr 4min personal best for the 10k!

We Are Not An Island

Thank you friends, family and readers for all the support.  I look forward to sharing my journey.  I am proud of the changes I have made for improved health, and also acknowledge that I could not have, nor will be able to, do it on my own.

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