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Meet The Team

Liz Garrett Race Finish

Liz Garrett

Liz is a regularly featured co-host on the Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness Podcast.  She brings a wealth of wisdom as a vegan athlete, and is the organizer of the No Meat Athlete – New Haven chapter.

Johnny Killick Cooking

Johnny Killick

Johnny is the editor and “ideas creative,” working diligently behind the scenes of Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness, making it all tickety-boo!  Johnny is an alchemist of word and rhetoric.

2016 Grouse Grind

Jerod Killick

Jerod is the runner and creator behind the Svelte Yeti Health and Fitness project.  His philosophy:  “Elevate others along the way while walking your own transformative journey.”

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